Flexible pricing

Only pay for what you use.

Pricing scales up and down with your usage. Match cost and value.

Usage Based

Only pay for what you use and link value to cost.



/ app environment / month

Consumption charges beyond quota.

All of Free Forever

App Environments

Accelerated Startup

Custom Domains

Personal & Private Repositories

30s Duration

$0.50 / 10,000 API Requests

$0.05 / GB / month (S3 Storage)

Precision Cron every minute

Branch Environments

Email Support

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Unlock additional developer productivity features.



/ team member

When paid annually.

Get Started

Unlimited Apps

Personal, Private & Organization Repositories

Unlimited Precision Crons

Chat Support

Usage-based charges beyond quota

Enterprise Scale

Specialized data governance, security, compliance and auditing handled. Schedule a review and we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

Schedule a Review

Configurable data retention

Log drains

Configurable Log Retention

Multi-region Active-Active

BYO Cloud Account



Annual architectural reviews

Dedicated relationship manager

Free Forever

Generous free tier to help you prototype and learn.



/ month

Subject to fair use. Quotas are per app.

1 app

No inactivity delay

No hourly limit

1024 MB RAM Compute

10s duration

100 * 1024 MB Autoscaling

1000 API requests / month

Javascript, Typescript, PythonBETA, GoBETA

Personal Repositories

1 GB DynamoDB Database

1 GB S3 Storage

18+ Cloud Regions (Edge Locations)

300+ Locations (Smart Caching)

3 jobs / app (Precision Cron)

7-Day Log Retention

SSL Certificate

Custom Subdomain

Build on Git Push

Community Support