Pay for what you use.

Consumption based pricing lets you start free and pay as your needs and app grows.

Free Forever

Generous free tier lets you prototype and learn.



subject to fair use

  • 3 apps
  • 100,000 API requests
  • 1GB runtime memory
  • 512MB /tmp storage
  • 1GB Object Storage (AWS S3)
  • 1GB Database Storage (AWS DynamoDB)
  • Unlimited blazing fast builds
  • Public GitHub repositories
  • Hosted close to you
  • 3 Cron tasks per app
  • 7 day log retention
  • Community support


Unlock additional developer productivity features.


$9 /month

plus consumption charges beyond quota

All of Free plus:

  • 10 apps
  • Private GitHub repositories
  • 10 Cron tasks per app
  • Search structured logs*
  • Branch based preview envs
  • 30 day log retention
  • Email support

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* Coming soon


Take your company and apps to the next level.


$299 /month

All of Solo plus:

  • Unlimited apps
  • Unlimited users
  • Organization GitHub accounts
  • Unlimited Cron tasks
  • 90 day log retention
  • Chat support

Enterprise Scale

Specialized data governance, security, compliance and auditing handled. Schedule a review and we can tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

  • Configurable data retention
  • Log drains
  • Multi-region Active-Active
  • BYO Cloud Account
  • BYO IdP / SSO
  • Annual architectural reviews
  • Dedicated relationship manager