June 17, 2022

South America / São Paulo - está ao vivo!

- São Paulo region - significantly improve responsiveness of the Cyclic dashboard and overall user experience for users in South America

- Multi-region Active-Active: dashboard is running in three mutually backed-up regions across the world and even more resilient to outages

- Fixes, UI tweaks, performance improvements

Come hang with us - Discord

June 13, 2022

Cron and Scheduled Requests

Schedule API calls to app routes. Calls can be set up to run repeatedly on schedule with cron expressions or to run once at a specific second.

- Single second resolution - tasks run exactly at the specified time
- Timezone handling - just works, no need to use UTC or adjust for daylight savings

Try it on an app's Cron tab

May 25, 2022

Databases and File Storage!

Apps can now store files and data using the powerful AWS S3 and DynamoDB

File Storage: Each app gets it's own S3 bucket that can be used with any s3-compatible SDK

Database: The DynamoDB feature preview is now enabled for all apps. Each app gets a table that can be used directly or with the Cyclic SDK.

Check it out the Data/Storage tab on an app's dashboard.

Join our Discord - we're excited to hear what you build

May 19, 2022

Traffic Summaries

Rolling out weekly traffic summaries for all apps. You should be seeing emails with a breakdown of the week's traffic by app.

Also this week, improved deploy and repo linking flow - deploys should be even faster and more reliable.

Come hang with us on discord - https://discord.cyclic.app/

May 9, 2022

Custom Domains

You can now use your own domain for apps!
Cyclic will issue an SSL certificate for your domain and validation records for you to enter into your DNS.

Check it out on the Advanced tab

April 21, 2022

South Asia / Mumbai Region is Live

- Mumbai region - Significantly improved responsiveness of the Cyclic dashboard and overall user experience for our users in Asia

- Multi-region active-active - The dashboard is now more resilient to outages and cloud issues

- Runtime improvements - API calls to apps are now faster

- Fixes for Safari blocking GitHub installation prompts and other bug fixes

We're going to be rolling out in other parts of the world, let us know where you are > discord.cyclic.app

April 7, 2022

Apps near you

Cyclic will now automatically deploy your code in the available AWS region closest to you.

For new single region apps, API response times will be significantly faster!

April 4, 2022

Custom app subdomains

You can now change the default app subdomains
- Give your apps a real name on the Environments tab

Join us on discord >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

March 31, 2022

More disk space during build

We have increased the disk space available during build time. The limit is now 10GB. Your build artifact still needs to be < 240MB but all your devDependencies and interim build files can be much larger. Hopefully builds of heavier frameworks are now easier. Let us know what you think! 🚛

March 28, 2022

Roll backs and branch deploys

New DevOps stuff today!

Deployments tab
- Roll back your apps to previously deployed versions
- UI Improvements

Environments tab
- Customize which GitHub branch will trigger automatic deployments on the Environments tab
- You can now lock the environment to stop automatic deployments

March 23, 2022

Database SDK

The Cyclic AWS DynamoDB database SDK is now available publicly on npm and GitHub!

- npmjs.com/package/cyclic-dynamodb
- github.com/cyclic-software/db-sdk

Databases are still in preview - let us know if youre interested in contributing to the SDK or would like to try the beta DB on a cyclic app.
Discord >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

March 2, 2022

Database Early Access Preview

Use the power and scale of AWS DynamoDB without the complexity

  • Enhanced Data Model
  • Simple Key-Value inspired SDK
  • Write-Time Indexing
  • Flexible Queries
  • JSON Schema Discovery

The database feature is coming for all apps, let us know if you would like try it in preview >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

February 23, 2022

Environment Variables Discovery

Get started even faster by knowing exactly what to configure from the start.

When you first connect Cyclic to a GitHub repo, Cyclic will now identify environment variables that should be set.

February 9, 2022

Deep dive into API Requests

Check out the new transactions experience!

- Detailed breakdown of each call to your app with request, response and corresponding logs
- Cool timeline driven query capability
- UI improvements
- 7 days of request, response and logs history

Let us know what you think >>https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

February 3, 2022

Simple Auth for all Apps

Auth is available for all apps!

You can now add authentication to apps with just a toggle.
- Set up path rules to secure specific routes
- Add multiple credential sets

Check it out on an app's Auth tab

Read more in the Docs

January 31, 2022

Environment Variables Editor

It is now easier to set up your environment variables!

Check out the new Bulk Editor, you now can:
- Paste a .env file as-is
- Compose in a free-form editor
- Use simple key-value inputs

Tell us how it worked out >>https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

January 28, 2022

Delete Apps

You can now delete apps. Go to the App > Advanced and scroll down to the Delete App section.

You will need to confirm that you want to permanently delete the app by typing the name. This action can not be undone.

January 14, 2022

Request Metrics

See how many requests your apps are processing as you get traffic.

• Total request counts as well as average concurrent requests are now available on app overview pages.

Tell us what else you want to see >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

January 13, 2022

GitHub Environments And Deployments

We just rolled out a change to the GitHub app integration that allows for publishing Deployments to GH. You will now be able to track deployments directly from your repo page. Let us know if you have any questions!  🤘

- Feature Docs

- GitHub Settings

January 5, 2022

Better re-deploys, faster logs, visible error messages

Lots of under the hood changes -

- Logs are even faster with almost no latency
- Re-Deploys have moved the Deployments list
- Faster handling of app exceptions/restarts, error messages from crashes are more visible

Tell us about your projects >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

December 13, 2021

Logs - in Color

App logs and build logs are now in color!

December 10, 2021

Starter projects

You can now chose from multiple backend and frontend app templates to get started. We have 4 now, let us know what you'd like to see >> https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

December 9, 2021

Smart port selection

Cyclic now identifies the port your API is running on as a default. Another piece of config to not worry about!

December 2, 2021

Docs Design

New docs site style for both dark and light mode

Check it out: https://docs.cyclic.sh/

December 1, 2021


We're really excited about this one!

In additional to realtime streaming of application logs, to further improve visibility, Cyclic will aggregate all of the data about each call to your app into what we call a transaction. The transaction consists of:
- the request and payload from the caller
- logs from your application (in COLOR)
- your application's response to the caller

Check it out on an app's Transactions tab

Let us know what you think- https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

November 30, 2021

Concurrent builds, UI tweaks

- Changed the app console layout to have more room for activities
- Concurrent builds and deploys are now possible and (for practical purposes) unlimited
- Other tweaks and fixes under the hood

Let us know if it all works! https://discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

November 19, 2021

Runtime error page

We have added an error page to the runtime to give you better feedback and developer experience if/when you have a bug in initializing or starting your app.

November 16, 2021

Deploy notifications in console

We have added a deploy notification into the website header to let you know when changes you pushed to github are ready. Let us know what you think. Cheers!

November 11, 2021

Build Status Display

On the deployment log we have added status indicators to help you visualize your build progress. We also added improved error messages on build failures.

November 5, 2021

Build Step

We have overhauled out install, build, deploy, launch life cycle for all apps. We now install dependencies including devDependencies, run a build script if defined and then prune devDependencies. Read more in the Cyclic build documentation

Happy coding!

November 2, 2021

Global Apps

A huge backend overhaul -

- even faster launch times
- global deployment capability

We can now launch your cyclic apps in AWS regions all over the globe. Multi-region apps protect you against outages and help you deliver the highest possible performance to your users.

Talk to us: discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

October 25, 2021

Docs site

We have added a docs site! Check it out and let us what else you have questions about: https://docs.cyclic.sh/docs/intro

October 19, 2021

Dark Mode

Cyclic can now go dark! The toggle is in the profile drop down. See everyone on discord.

October 18, 2021

Re-Deploy Button, Bug Fixes, Self-Hosting

A few highlights:
- re-run the most recent build+deployment on an app's Deployments page
- Bug fixes and UI enhancements

In Preview:
- self-hosting capability - launch and manage apps in your own AWS account. Talk to us about getting a demo: discord.gg/huhcqxXCbE

October 7, 2021

Logs Prefetch


We've improved logging to fetch 15 minutes of past logs from before a log session has started. Try it:

  - console.log() something in an api route handler
  - push code
  - navigate to your route
  - open logs for an app
  - see logs from the route

New logs will continue to appear in real time as the api is hit

October 7, 2021

Discord Server

We have launched a discord server. Come chat with the community:


October 4, 2021

UI Polish

We upgraded some colors and small UI/UX tweaks. Check out the new footer and social links. You can find us on twitter @cyclicsoftware

Let us know what you think. Cheers!

September 29, 2021

Feature Feed

Cyclic is constantly improving. We've added this feed to keep you up to date on new features as soon as they roll out.

September 21, 2021

Multi-region: Active-Active Infrastructure

For enterprise customers we now support Multi-regional APIs in BETA!

  • Push plain vanilla expressjs app to github
  • Cyclic deploys via Github App integration
  • Cyclic provisions multi-regional APIs, lambdas and health checks
  • You sleep easy knowing your app is ready for anything.

Let us know if you would like to take it for a spin: hello@cyclic.sh


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