Integrate APIs

API Integrations

Use Cyclic to transform and bridge data flows between disparate systems.

API Integrations

Off the self software services offer unprecedented flexibility and power to organizations. However, the proliferation of these services has created new challenges. How do you connect these services together to create a cohesive dataflow? How do you ensure that events in one system are reflected in another?

Transform and bridge data flows between disparate systems.

Use Cyclic to transform payloads to conform to upstream extraction formats or downstream ingestion formats. Most systems are constrained in the style and format of data they can accept. Cyclic is well suited to transform payloads to conform to these constraints.

Much of the time spent integrating systems is spent with provider's documentation that is only understandable to an engineer already well versed in the system being described. Cyclic accelerates the integration process by providing a visual interface to the dataflow. This allows for rapid feedback and deployment cycles for your engineering team.


See the exact shape of data sent to Cyclic for ingestion. Use the network tab to view request headers and payloads.


Zero downtime deployments happen in under a minute. This allows your team to integrate first and then iterate to finalized data transformation.


Cyclic enables you to reshape inbound data flow and enrich them with API calls to other systems before transforming the data for downstream egress.

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