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ChatOps: Administration via Chat

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ChatOps illustration

Modern software organizations are able to build systems that were in the realm of science fiction only decades ago. However, the complexity of these systems has grown exponentially. Expectations of users and internal users have also grown.

The ChatOps paradigm inverts the access pattern for most administrative workflows. In a simplified model the three components of the system are, the ChatBot, the administrator and the software system in question. Sessions maybe initiated by either an external event (ie email, webhook or cron), a system trigger or directly by the administrator directly to the ChatBot.

Authentication is handled by the embedded Authn system of the chat system. A first tier of authorization maybe provided by the chat system with the option of further authz being performed by the ChatBot. The ChatBot may also be used to provide a first tier of authorization with the option of further authz being performed by the ChatBot.


Create team wide visibility in to the flow of operations work. By surfacing events and actions into a shared channel more members of the team are able to see the work being done. This creates a shared sense of ownership and builds team moral.


Provide employees with the relevant information in the same UI window they are already interacting in. By delegating information gathering and common followup linking to the ChatBot you free your coworkers to collaborate.


ChatOps allows for seamless operation of "human-in-the-loop" interactions while mantaining InfoSec and DataSec compliant actions. Chat messages often provide several possible actions as well as deep links for administrators to quickly jump into other systems to take further action.

Load Pattern


Mostly idle, with small burst of light usage. Max concurrency 5 requests/second (500 average per day)

- Example: Internal support tool used by a small team.

On demand price on Cyclic

Unlimited dev/test environments
100 GB RAM total concurrent included
200 vCPU total concurrent included
CI/CD included
Scales up and down on-demand, no cost for idle



/ month

500 requests/day * 31 days/month * $0.00005 /request = $1 /month +$29 /month/developer


Provisioned capacity on other platforms

Small compute
3 environments (dev/test/prod)
2 instances in prod, 1 in each in dev/test
t3.medium compute 2vCPU 4GiB ram



/ month

$0.0416 /instance/hour * 24 hours/day * 31 days/month * 4 instances = $123 /month

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